Lukas Kelly – Creative Director, is a multi-disciplinary designer with an expertise in creative & visual design. Initially from Auckland, NZ, Lukas currently resides in Berlin

Coming from a background of creative and solutions based thinking, Lukas has a vast knowledge in of the full spectrum of design & media. As an Artist, Designer, Musician, Photographer and ideas man, Lukas utilizes his abilities and experience over fifteen years as a Graphic Designer and Creative Director. Lukas has been the owner & operator of two Design Agencies and has built close relationships with clients all over the globe. Now Berlin based, Lukas has moved his focus to creative ventures based closer to the UK and the greater European market.


Lukas constantly has an array of creative visual and sound projects on the go. He continues to work as a music producer (ASKE), a practicing musician and to support other musicians with their own projects in both New Zealand and Berlin.


"I continuously explore and push the boundaries across all channels, whether it be  digital, packaging, identity, print, design or the latest technological development. By looking at the picture as a whole, I can deliver solutions across communications channels that create a seamless user experience.


Each and every project that I undertake is approached with a singular objective:β€œto create something that is stand out, highly effective, elegant & new.” I pride myself in delivering highly professional, state-of-the-art, creative cost effective solutions to my clients."