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lukas is a multi-disciplinary designer, artist and musician who is an expert in creative and visual design. finding profound inspiration through travel and new experiences, lukas has worked internationally for most of his adult life. he now resides in his hometown of auckland, new Zealand.

as a full service designer with eighteen years of experience in design, creative and digital, lukas thrives on creative and solutions-based thinking, and has a vast knowledge in the full spectrum of design and media. lukas has been the owner and operator of two design agencies, and has built and maintained close relationships with clients all over the globe.


in the last few years of his career, lukas has established a niche working with start-up companies and technologies, assisting them through the early stages of development and ensuring they will be able to reach maximum potential and investment. his ever-expanding knowledge of current trends in technology and innovation allow him to foresee a brand beyond its current position - understanding how it will fit into the market and adapting his work accordingly.


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