Brave new world of Design.

 Each and every project that I undertake is approached with a singular objective: to create highly professional, state-of-the-art, creative and cost effective solutions to my clients.


Lukas in my opinion is the best creative person I have worked with to date and is light years ahead of his competition in the quality and outside the square thinking. The value that Lukas added to our products and services (Online advertising) allowed our business to become a solution provider for our clients.


I would recommend Lukas as a key creative partner to any client and the results will exceed all expectations!!!

"Lukas provides results beyond expectation, he has a great eye for detail and a broad range of skills including parallel and solutions based thinking. "

Ben Campbell

Project Manager at Benchmark Homes Limited

Lukas has always exceeded expectations with his design ability and natural talent and vision. He gets the Job done quickly and his ability to turn a quick job around is fantastic.

Paul Mant

Drew Miller

Sales Director at Trade Me

Sales Person

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